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What is mct oil?

MCT is an abbreviation for Medium-Chain Triglyceride. Triglyceride is one type of fatty acid and medium-chain means that this particular fatty acid has a medium length chain of 6 to 8 carbon molecules as compared to a longer chain triglyceride (think olive oil) with 10 to 12 carbon molecules. The fewer number of carbon molecules in this naturally occurring fatty acid means your body can digest it more rapidly among other benefits.

People are often surprised that MCT oil used in CBD products can be derived from natural coconut oil. MCT is used in Renew Hemp CBD Drops.

Coconut oil is one of the most important sources from which MCT oil originates. Coconut oil has a mixture of long- and medium-chain triglycerides, and the amount of MCT’s in coconut oil is about 65% of the total. MCT can be considered a healthy saturated acid. Modern research has shown that saturated fatty acids do not have negative consequences for heart and blood vessel health. In fact, some research shows there are some health benefits to MCT. When using one of our products that delivers Hemp CBD via a natural MCT oil ingredient, you’re potentially getting benefits beyond just the CBD!

What are the benefits of MCT oil?

1. MCT oil yields stable energy for hours on end

The advantage of MCT oil is that it is quickly metabolized into energy. The advantage of MCT oil is that it is immediately transported from the stomach to the liver. For that reason, MCT oil quickly raises energy levels. Because the fatty acids are immediately broken down, they will never be stored as body fat.

2. MCT oil helps you lose weight, and keep it off

Studies have shown that people that replace other fatty acids in their diet with MCT Coconut oil lose more body weight than when they consume an equivalent amount of other “healthy oils.” MCT oil directly stimulates the fat loss process, which translates to more body fat being broken down while consuming MCT oil. MCT oil also causes your body to heat up, which results in a higher metabolic fat-burn.

3. MCT oil decreases your appetite and feelings of hunger

Some scientific studies have shown that MCT oil reduces an individual’s appetite levels and feelings of hunger.

4. MCT oil spares muscle mass during periods of fat loss

People that use MCT oil while working to lose body fat are able to retain a higher proportion of their hard-earned muscle mass.

5. MCT oil helps stabilize blood sugar levels

Having a healthy metabolism means having healthy regulation of blood sugars. The most important blood-sugar regulating hormone is called insulin. Insulin causes potential sugars that are in the bloodstream to be stored in the muscle tissue. Within certain pathologies such as diabetes, obesity or Alzheimer’s, the metabolism of blood sugars is impaired. MCT oil signals the body to store sugars present in the blood in muscle tissue as opposed to being converted to fat molecules.

With all this in mind, the last thing you might be wondering is why is MCT in the product at all, or what is it’s purpose or function? The reason is very simple. Like most oils, CBD oil can only be mixed with or diluted with other oils. In order to provide CBD to the customer in a diluted and usable state, it must be mixed with additional oil. At Renew, our decision to use MCT is based on the fact that we want our product to be as healthy and beneficial as possible. MCT is clear, easily digestible, has it’s own benefits as a food, and being tasteless it doesn’t interfere with our fantastic natural flavors! MCT is simply the best oil for the job and we think you’ll agree.